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Graphic Design Update October 2021
Posted by Sophie G on 04 October 2021 02:38 PM

Introducing SMART BOOKS - books that make themselves!

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to launch this product and are so excited to finally announce it!

For those short on time or creativity our amazing new Smart Photobook Designer will change your life. Our Smart Photobook Designer takes the photos you upload and automatically creates a photobook which is ready to order.

Our designer auto curates all of your photos and selects the best photos based on quality, exposure, colour and sharpness. It will remove duplicate photos and choose the best layouts based on your images to create a story. Your photos are placed onto the pages and are automatically cropped. The result is a ready to order photobook within 20 minutes.

We have 20 different designs to choose from, one to suit any occasion.

If something is not quite right or you have any suggestions please let us know.

We love to hear your feedback to improve our website and templates.

Email us at .

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